Couples and Family Counseling

Relationship therapy, or couples counseling, provides space for couples to discuss their issues and find solutions to problems within their relationship.

Relationships are an essential part of our lives. Close relationships bring many rewards but as people become more independent and self-sufficient, relationships can be difficult to establish and maintain. And the way people communicate and form relationships have changed in recent years. Technology, too, has had an impact on how we see ourselves and how we relate to others.

All relationships face challenges.  How we deal with these challenges is important and plays a significant role in how we experience close personal relationships and in how we resolve conflicts that arise within our relationships.

How might couples counseling help?

There are many reasons why couples (and sometimes individuals) visit us for relationship therapy. Through encouraging clarity and openness, our couples counseling services in London can be useful for:

  • Couples who are having relationship problems and want to resolve these conflicts
  • Couples who are facing the end of a relationship but hope to try to work things out
  • Couples who are ending their relationship but want to end on good terms
  • Couples experiencing sexual or intimacy issues within their relationship
  • Couples who are engaged or about to make a long-term commitment but want to improve their relationship before moving forward.
  • Individuals who are struggling with relationships and want to build better personal relationships in the future.

Every couple is different. Our therapists can help you recognize and understand the communication, behavioral, sexual and emotional dynamics that might exist between you and your partner. Couples counseling gets to grips with how you and your partner relate to each other.

We have experience working with both straight and gay couples in London, couples in long and shorter-term relationships and with couples experiencing sexual or intimacy issues within their relationship.