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Providing tools for the client, couple or family to utilize in order to overcome obstacles.

Welcome to Magnolia Counseling & Wellness

memory-loss-232x224The model we use is integrative which means that the therapy is matched to your needs. When you come to see us you will find the process to be very clear and transparent: in your initial counseling session, we explore your needs and then we agree to a plan for the next period (usually six weeks). At this stage, you will then be able to decide whether you have achieved your aims or whether you want to continue.It is not our business to promise “quick fix” cures as counselling and psychotherapy involve commitment and effort – but we have helped many people and it is likely that we can help you too.


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The highly qualified staff at Magnolia Counseling and Wellness relates to each client in his/her human uniqueness. We welcome individuals (adults and adolescents), couples, and families as clients; regardless of race, religion, or gender. You may experience a range of difficulties: depression, anxiety, bereavement, trauma, addiction, or low self-esteem. You can expect to be received with kindness, empathy, and understanding. Referrals come from a variety of sources including past and present clients, other therapists, psychiatrists, primary care physicians, churches, colleges, hospitals and professional publications such as Psychology Today to name a few.

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