Services and Fees


Hours are by appointment only due to therapists unique schedule. The evening appointments to accommodate clients’ schedules.  We also have availability on Saturday & Sundays. Upon scheduling an intake session with the clinician, inquire about the general availability.

Payment Details
Please see section to the right about using your insurance. Please read it all the way through.  It is the client’s responsibility to know their own insurance benefits and to be responsible for the amount that their insurance company does not pay due to deductibles, copay or co-insurance

Types Session & Fees

Individual counseling sessions is $100 per hour
Family/Couple counseling sessions are $115 per hour
Online/ Mobile/ Telechat are $100 per hour .

EAP and other Resources
Clients can also opt to have a 3rd party pay for their counseling services.  This includes their employer, a private agency, church, family member, etc.  Once we have a release of information, the office can work with the 3rd party to ensure that payment is timely. Please have that 3rd party contact our office to set up billing and payment once a release of information has been completed.  This is a very common option!

Managed Care/ Using your Insurance
If choosing to use your insurance, please contact the insurance company to find out if we are a provider on your specific plan, with in your specific insurance company. (You will need to give them the provider’s name, NOT the counseling practice itself).  While our office as a whole tries to cover many insurance companies – not all clinicians are on all plans.
Questions to ask your insurance company in regards to your benefits:
Do I have in network mental health benefits?What are they?
How do I get an authorization?
How many sessions will I be approved of.
What is the coverage per session. Before deductible is met
After deductible is met
Do I have Out of Network mental health benefits?What are they?What do I need to do to obtain reimbursement?
How long does it take to obtain reimbursement?
What is the coverage per session?Before Deductible is met
After Deductible is met